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With Classic Fireworks you should expect the best and we take pride in our association with our list of preferred suppliers. Our considerable experience of coordinating full production events for the likes of Bookers means that we can put together something very special, indoors or outdoors and for any occasion, with fireworks choreographed to music of your choice or we can put the music together for you.

Classic Fireworks can turn your vision into reality and, because we keep our overheads low, you get more for your money! We can create a memorable display to suit your budget whatever the occasion – corporate event, product launch, business promotion, wedding, birthday, anniversary, or simply a celebration.
Our new second generation firework firing systems are capable of split second timing. Just imagine an infinite number of fireworks at any one time, from any number of required locations – all of which are perfectly timed creating the illusion of fireworks at one with the music. Spectacular!


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